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Autumn Term

Our topics this term are Britain and WWII, and Britain since WWII. We have started the first topic by watching the film adaptation of ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ and reading extracts from the book, comparing the two. We will be linking our literacy, geography and history work closely, by focusing on life for evacuees, the Blitz and the effect on civilians. Later this half term we will be writing poetry for our WWII Tea Party, which is in November, and writing recounts as evacuees. In art, the children will be creating Blitz scenes with watercolours and silhouettes. After the half term break we will be starting the next topic which focuses on significant events, people and changes since the end of the war. In literacy, the children will be learning more about persuasive writing, modern fiction and the children will be writing their own autobiographies.

Maths sets continue in Year 6 and the children are following the National Curriculum in preparation for their SATs in May 2017. Areas which will be a focus are place value, the four operations (including mental strategies and written methods), decimals, fractions, measurement and problem solving and reasoning. To help the children prepare for their SATs and their final year in primary education, in Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) and Philosophy for Children (P4C) we will be discussing risks in the community and how to have a positive growth mindset, approach new challenges and become increasingly responsible as an individual.

For our WWII Tea Party, Mr Rhys-Morgan will be teaching the year group WWII songs to sing and Mrs Thomson will be teaching the children some dances. As well as the Tea Party, we have the residential trip to Overstrand in Norfolk next month to look forward to!

As part of the PE curriculum, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons this half term, games lessons with Mr Harrington, and gym lessons and dance lessons taught by Mrs Thomson. In RE, the children will be learning about Hinduism and with Mr Donnellan in ICT, the children will be designing and programming their own games. In French, Mrs Rivers will be teaching some of the basics including greetings, numbers, colours and months of the year. Our design and technology lessons will give the children the opportunity to research WWII shelters. The children will also be learning about rationing and experience what can be eaten and made with the wartime restrictions. Finally, our science topics are ‘light’ and ‘evolution and inheritance’.

Previous WWII Tea Parties

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Costume ideas:

evacuee boy evacuee girl


Spring Term

We are now only four months away from the SATs in May. To help prepare the children for the tests, alongside spellings and other written homework, the children have been given CGP revision and activity books which they will be using on a weekly basis at home. We will continue to test every half-term to help monitor the progress of every child to support their learning further.

Our topic this term is Africa. We will be looking at human and physical geography of this vast continent to help the children understand how diverse it is. In literacy we will be finding out about the life of Nelson Mandela and some of the difficulties South Africans faced during apartheid, and writing biographies. The children will be writing their own animal imagery poems, letters for different purposes and writing a discussion text about whether or not animals should be kept in captivity. We will also be reading traditional African folk tales and modern fiction including ‘Journey to Jo-burg’. We will be linking our literacy work closely to our PSHE work on human rights.

Maths lessons will continue to focus on fluency, arithmetic and problem solving and reasoning skills, as well as measurement, geometry and shape amongst other areas of the curriculum. In science, our topics are living things and their habitats plus the different diets of both animals and humans. We will be linking our art lessons closely to our topic and looking at African textiles, patterns and traditions.

As part of the PE curriculum, the children will be taking part in swimming lessons this half term, games lessons with Mr Harrington, and gym lessons and dance lessons taught by Mrs Thomson. In RE, the children will be learning more about Hinduism: life and death; worshiping at temples; and India and other significant places. Mr Donnellan will be teaching the children how to create their own website and how networks work in ICT. Music lessons will continue with Mr Rhys-Morgan and in French, Mrs Rivers will be teaching the children how to order food and comment on the weather. Finally, we have some CLC visits this term and our visit to Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford in February. 

We wish the children another successful term, and if you have any queries about anything in the year group, please do not hesitate to contact any of the team.

Summer Term

We are now only a couple of weeks away from SATs week (week beginning Monday 8th May), so our focus at the moment is working towards the assessments. The children have worked hard to make progress during the year, especially with the new expectations in the National Curriculum, and we hope the children continue to work hard in the remaining weeks.

In literacy, we will be looking at chillers and fiction from our literary heritage. We will also be focussing on different writing skills and other genres to prepare for our final writing assessments in June. We will continue to follow the National Curriculum after the SATs and cover the remaining objectives.

 We have started working on our end of year production – Mary Poppins. The children have watched the film and started to understand the key events and characters. While the children have started to learn the songs, auditions for roles will take place after the SATs. We will be rehearsing weekly in order to prepare for this exciting performance. Music and PE lessons will focus on rehearsals. The performances are on Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th July.

In PE the children will finish their African dance unit with Mrs Thomson and they will also be having swimming and rounders lessons. Later in the half term, children will be practising their athletics skills – which will continue for the rest of the year. This term in science, we will be looking at electricity and changes with our bodies. Geography lessons will focus on volcanoes and earthquakes. ICT will be based on keeping safe in the community and online. PSHE will focus on relationships and moving on to senior school. French lessons will continue with Mrs Rivers teaching the children about French grammar (including adjectives, plurals, dictionary and translation skills). In D&T, the children will be making their own moving vehicles.  

In the second half term we will be supporting the children with their transition to senior school. Towards the end of the school year we have lots of whole school events, but we have our leavers BBQ for the year 6 children, which is a brilliant way to end the year and their time at the school.


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