Parent Forum

Each term, Mr Flitman invites parents in for a chat and a cuppa, to discuss any school-related issues on their mind.

The minutes from this term’s forum (19th May 16) are below:

Possible impact regarding C of E conversion to a primary School.

What would be the impact of transfer to Wickford Juniors?

We are unable to give detail –  this would be discussed as part of the consultation, should it be decided to go ahead with the changes.

As far as we know, the C of E are planning to become a one-form primary  but this has not been confirmed. Further information should be sought from C of E directly.

We have been clear with the Local Authority that any changes to our school would need to take account the needs of Wickford town and not just WJS. We are seeking discussions to enable this.


The minutes from last term’s forum (3rd Feb 16) are below:

Autism Awareness Day (14-18 March ’16)

An assembly and cake sale was suggested to raise children’s awareness of ‘invisible disabilities’.
We already have a charity of the year and during January we focussed on Celebrating Diversity in assemblies so need to consider how this would fit in, especially as that week is a Science curriculum week.
Next year, we will alter our assembly themes so celebrating diversity is in March to coincide.

C of E Primary

Will catchment area for WJS be affected?
There is no reason why it should change. But this is unclear and will be part of the consultation process. As soon as we know, we will inform parents.

Catch-Up Club

There was discussion about whether or not exceptions would be made as some children are becoming very stressed at home.
There will not be exceptions as it is not intended as a punishment but an opportunity to catch-up with the work missed due to lateness.
Attendance letters: it was felt that if a child has been genuinely unwell it is ridiculous to be able to keep up to the 95% expected. Parents understand this is county and not school expectations and are pleased with the wording of our letter compared with previous school, which was very patronising.
Parents wanted to know which attendance % are reported to county:
Children are classified as persistent absentees when their attendance falls below 90%. However, if there is a medical reason which home and school are working together to address the educational needs of the child, then the Educational Welfare Officer (EWO) would not become involved. Otherwise, these children would be referred to the EWO for support.


When the club starts and how to apply was discussed. Information is available on our school website and a link to the CSSE from our Year 5 page.


A parent offered to run a crèche during parent lunch, class assemblies etc for those parents who are unable to join their child at these events because they have younger children to look after. Thank you but guidelines need to be considered before making any firm plans.

Non-pupil Dates 2016/17

These have just been agreed by the governors and have now been added to our website.
The date for SATs 2017 will not be confirmed until nearer the time but is likely to be w/b 8th May.

Governor Minutes

Are full minutes available from our website?
They aren’t but are available on request from the school office. However, it was discussed whether the agenda would be useful on the website and it was agreed that it would.
Mrs Ramet will sort this asap.

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