Head’s Welcome

“Known by many simply as ‘Market Road’, our school opened in 1936 to serve as Wickford’s first secondary school. We became a junior school in 1959.


This is a happy and successful school,with a committed and caring staff and governing body. Parents contribute significantly to our success and we work hard to ensure that our parents feel a part of our community. Our pupils are well behaved and have a genuine voice in how the school looks and feels. They also work hard.

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Every part of the school, including the library, computer suite,classrooms and kitchen, has been refurbished to ensure that we are able to provide a high class learning environment that is vibrant and appealing to children.

The children are at the centre of everything we do. We have high expectations for behaviour and standards of work, and offer allpupils a wide variety of opportunities to achieve, both within the school curriculum and through an extensive extra-curricular programme.”

T. Flitman, Headteacher

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