Friday 21st October 2016

After we have awakened the children, we have the mammoth task of bed-stripping, distinguishing between a duvet cover and the duvet itself; a pillow case and the pillow. Following the trip to the Laundry, we will then endeavour to get every item of clothing from the floor and under beds into suitcases even though they’re “none of ours”. Then it’s breakfast and our final two activities.

We will be leaving after lunch at around 1pm so should be back to school for 4.30pm. I will school text on route.

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Thursday 20th October 2016

It’s the last full day and the weather is much better.

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A lovely, but extremely cold, afternoon at the beach.

img_1519 img_1517 img_1527 img_1525img_1509 img_1508img_20161020_151731 img_1536 img_1533

The excrutiating trip to the shop – children were told that they could not spend their money on fizzy drinks, sweets or chocolate but should buy mementos…..


“Why have you bought Polos?”
“Mrs Ramet said we could buy mints.”
“No, you were told you could not buy sweets.”
“But they’re mints and Mrs Ramet said we could buy Mentos.”

So a lesson followed about souvenirs and mementos!!

We enjoyed a campfire with hot chocolate and marshmallows to end the final night at Overstrand Hall.

img_1539 img_1541 img_20161020_200735

Tuesday 18th October 2016

The day began with a beautiful sunrise.


Overall the children have had a good first night and stayed in their dorms. The last few girls fell asleep just after midnight but some of the boys were awake until around 3am…and up at 5.30am. We think some of them will sleep well tonight!

The dorms…..

img_0045 img_0046 img_0047 img_0048 img_0050 img_1337 img_1334 img_1332 img_1329 img_1326

Breakfast time.

img_20161018_080942 img_20161018_081403 img_20161018_082614 img_20161018_082633img_20161018_083739

Unfortunately, we now have the rain that was forecast. But (apparently), “Rain is fun because it makes everything muddy!” Amber Rayner.

img_20161018_105053 img_0061

img_0053 img_0051 img_1340


img_20161018_133919 img_20161018_133940

then a brighter afternoon.

img_0062 img_0063
img_0073 img_0075 img_0067 img_0066 img_0065

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After a very welcome hot dinner, we are now enjoying Scrap Heap Challenge.

img_20161018_200623 img_0832 img_0835 img_0836 img_0837img_1369 img_1367

Monday 17th October 2016

We left school around 8.50am and arrived in Overstrand at 12.30pm.

As the mobile network coverage is so temperamental in Norfolk, in an emergency, the Kingswood number is 07971969202 if the school mobile is unavailable.

After a site orientation, we had lunch (nuggets and chips) then tried to make our beds. Children are now enjoying their first activity in the glorious autumn sunshine.

img_1321img_1310img_1314 img_1319 img_1317img_0024img_0035img_0029img_0039img_0038


Lining up in our groups for the last activity before dinner. (4 of the 6 groups – rest will follow tomorrow)

img_20161017_181304 img_20161017_181401 img_20161017_181440 img_20161017_181810


Ouch, that hurt!


Well protected today!

The evening entertainment was mini-Olympics. Children then had cocoa, showers and bed.