French House Day

Today, the children came to school dressed in the colours of the French flag and took part in a French themed day. They spent the day learning about French culture and took part in a range of learning activities including art, geography, literacy and PE. The children had a fantastic day, working together and exploring their activities.



6E Trip to Anglia Ruskin University

On Monday, 6E visited Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford as part of the ‘Reach for the Stars’ scheme, which teaches children about higher education at university.  The children enjoyed learning about the subjects that people can study at university.  They also had a campus tour, seeing all of the different buildings that the university students use.

At the end of the afternoon, the children designed their own university and presented them to staff and students from Anglia Ruskin.

Upskills Training Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

Today our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors attended an Upskills training event at the Upper Academy, Basildon. They took part in workshops to help them mediate safely and effectively and learned  the skills needed to be a successful public speaker. Throughout the day the team got the opportunity to network with other schools, sharing ideas and created an action plan. Mrs Champion, Adult Lead Ambassador, is very proud of the children’s behaviour throughout the day and cannot wait to start supporting them with all their fantastic ideas!

Swimming Gala

Congratulations to the gala squad who competed in the first round of the Wickford gala. The RESULTS ARE IN! We won the Y3/4 as well as the Y5/6 galas so everyone has qualified for the finals next term. WELL DONE!

Overall Wickford Race Positions 

SchoolNorth CrescentWickford JuniorGrangeRunwellOakfieldAbacusHilltop Junior
Y3 & 4
Y5 & 6

Ofsted Report

This school continues to be good.

The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. You and your leadership team provide clear direction and parents and staff alike recognise the high quality of leadership in your school. There is a consistent approach to teaching and learning which leads to pupils making good progress as they move through the school. Leaders and governors are excited about the merger with The Wickford Infant School to form a primary school in September 2018. They have a clear vision of how this will benefit the current pupils of Wickford Junior School through wider subject choices.

The previous Ofsted inspection identified many strengths which you have built upon. You continue to ensure that a topic-based curriculum together with a range of high-quality enrichment experiences keep your pupils interested and motivated. For example, pupils studying the history of World War ll also designed and built Anderson shelters and tested their resistance using a range of materials. Pupils talked about singing Greek songs, and cooking a Greek meal at home, during a topic on Ancient Greece.

Pupils and their parents expressed their appreciation of the willingness of staff to give extra time to enrich and extend learning. Pupils spoke of the enjoyment they get from attending a range of clubs, including sports, dance, drama, choir and gardening. Pupils are offered many interesting learning experiences, for example working with the National Portrait Gallery and taking part in a residential outdoor pursuits week. Pupils have opportunities to take on responsibilities, and spoke, for example, about performing duties as school councillors, form monitors, sports leaders and running their own tuck shop.

Wickford Junior School is a warm and welcoming school. Pupils are confident and articulate and these skills are developed through discussion and debate. Pupils present their work with pride and display strong attitudes towards learning, their school and each other. Personal development, behaviour and welfare continue to be particular strengths of the school. You ensure that effective care and support is offered to vulnerable pupils. Pupils talked about the good support and advice they receive about staying healthy, including how to maintain good mental health. Parents spoke very highly of the support offered to pupils who have special educational needs and/or disabilities.

Pupils report feeling safe at school. Pupils engage in a range of activities to ensure that bullying is prevented and are proud to be anti-bullying ambassadors. As a result, bullying and discrimination are rare and pupils trust adults to resolve any concerns that they may have. Pupils have a good awareness of when they may be at risk in a range of situations, including when using the internet, and how to manage these effectively. Parents are confident that their children are well looked after.

Full Ofsted Report 2017