End of Term

The school year ended today with a talent show and farewell to three members of staff. Mrs Arbabzadah and Mrs Hume are retiring and Miss Davies is off to pastures new. Good luck to all of them.
The talent show winners were Eve and Leila with their magic show. Well done to all the contestants.

Staff would like to extend a special thank you for all the thoughtful presents they received this week.

Year 6 Production: ‘Mary Poppins’

Well done to our year 6 classes who performed the first of their two performances tonight, following a dress rehearsal to the rest of the school earlier in the day.

Take a look at the Year 6 page to watch the performance.

Winds are changing
Time is turning
A black shadow fills the sky
Why this happens
People do not know why
But Mary Poppins comes
Flying gracefully
Bringing smiles
Wondering which child to look after
While chimney sweeps dance on roofs
Cheering and dancing  in their boots
Mary makes magic happen in the most unusual way
What will happen next?
Nobody knows
With Mary anything can happen
Just wait and see

Emily Pannell 6E

Sports Day

Well done to WATER house for winning this year’s Sports Day.

Despite a very hot start to the day, the children competed well and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to showcase their hard work in the classroom too during Open Afternoon.

Wiggly Wild Show

Today the school were visited by the Wiggly Wild Show as part of Year 4’s Rainforest day. The day began with an assembly, where we learnt some amazing animal facts about creatures with lots of legs. Some brave volunteers got to hold some of the creatures that were part of the show!


Year 4 spent the rest of the day learning all about some of the creatures of the rainforest from an explorer who’s been there!

Take ONE Picture

As part of a National Gallery project, we spent the week studying the painting Penelope with the Suitors and completed a range of work inspired by it.


Then, this afternoon, we held an exhibition of all our hard work. What an amazing range of art was produced across the school from just one picture! It was fantastic to see the children impressed and excited by each other’s work with one child saying, “I might cry….. seeing such amazing things always makes me want to cry!”

After school, the parents seemed equally captivated, writing very encouraging comments in the visitors books. Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work end enthusiasm.


Creative Arts Festival

The theme of this year’s festival was ‘Fairytales’ so some of our year 4s performed their Ali Baba dance from the Year 4 production (with a few adaptations). Well done! Thank you to Mrs Thomson and Mrs Harris for their dance expertise and Mrs Griffiths for her unfaltering support spectating.