Health and Safety Walk

Thursday 22nd July 2017
Today Mr Tobbell and I had our termly health and safety walk round the whole school.

Due to the very high temperatures over the past week, air conditioning had been brought in to cool the temperature in the classrooms at the front of the school where the temperature is at its hottest. We have been asking Essex County Council to survey our windows as many do not open, to date we still seem to be falling on deaf ears, but we will carry on until we get some kind of solution.

The walk round only flagged a few small issues apart from the heat. I was unhappy to hear that parents are not supervising younger children at home time, who seem to think it’s ok to damage trees and plants, this is not acceptable.

On a happy note the art displays around the school are lovely and well worth looking at.
Mrs Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors

Foundation Leaders discussion

Several Governors met with different Foundation Leaders to discuss what is entailed with this role, the assessment process of staff and pupils and how they support the staff and pupils.

The discussions were very in-depth and all Foundation Leaders had a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. Constraints were identified which impact on the ability to deliver depth to their subjects. These included time and availability of information from the Government on the new curriculum 2014.

It is to be noted that these meetings took place after the children’s school day, and I would like to thank all the teachers, Mr Flitman & Mrs Ramet for their time and efforts.

Mrs Sue Blake
26th June 2017

School Assembly

Monday 12th June 2017
Today I attended a whole school assembly. The assembly was about children’s rights and responsibilities. All the children were attentive and responded to questions regarding their rights and responsibilities. It is always great to see how calm and quiet the children enter the hall. Well done
Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors

Pupil Premium Review

Today, I met with Mrs Ramet to look over how the school uses the ‘Pupil Premium’ funding it receives. Pupil Premium is the name for the funding the Government gives to children who may be disadvantaged in some way.
The school is able to evidence what additional support is given to children and how their progress is effected by the support. Pupil Progress Meetings are held to discuss progress and should staff feel that additional support is required they will decide on how best to support the children. These meetings are held on a regular basis.
As a result of my visit, I am confident that the school uses the funding in an effective way and that the monitoring it carries out makes sure that pupils are getting the support that best suits their needs.
If you wanted to see what sort of support is available for children, the school publishes information on the website.
Claire Maynard

Pupil Views

Getting to talk to pupils is always my favourite part of visiting the school. Today, I met with two pupils from each year to listen to their views about homework and how they thought they were doing at school.

All the children said that homework is set so that they can apply the things they have been learning in class. They said it was good when they had some help from others at home and that it wasn’t always Mum and Dad, but sometimes older brothers and sisters.
All children said it was better to start their homework early in the week and felt that doing a small amount each night was better than in one hit. Boys did say they would rather be playing computer games than doing homework!
The children all said they preferred doing project homework rather than the maths and literacy but they understood that the ‘every day stuff’ was important.

What will their teachers say about them in their school reports?
The younger pupils said that their teachers would say they were good in class whereas the older pupils recognised that their behaviour was not always as it should be.
It was good to see that some recognised that they had improved in certain areas and that there were areas that they still needed to work on.
All children said they would be concerned about what adults at home would say about their report.

Is the school doing a good job?
The pupils all felt the school was doing a good job and that they enjoyed being at the school. The school has taught them all new things and that there were often ‘fun’ activities such as the book fair.
There was a mention of a ‘shouty’ teacher but the pupils then went on to say that the school dealt with poor behaviour in a fair way.

The children were all happy to talk to me about their views on the school. They were a delight to listen to and a credit to the school.
Claire Maynard

Chair of Governors 5W

Monday 15/05/2017
Today I was invited in to 5W to hear their descriptive writing on Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens.

All the children I listened to had used such lovely descriptions and had set the atmosphere for their stories extraordinarily well. They all read really well to me and I thoroughly enjoyed our chats about the book and Charles Dickens.

Thank you for letting me hear you read today. Well done all of you. Fiona Kemzura

School Assembly 24 April 2017

Today was a special assembly as the children of the school voted for their charity for the year. Previously each class had put forward their preferred charity, whereby the School Council discussed each proposal, then put forward four nominated charities to be voted on by the whole school. The short list of charities were:
1. The Dog’s Trust
2. Cancer Research UK
3. Make a Wish
4. Mutolere Primary School, Uganda

Class representatives of the above nominated charities presented their case by using slides and persuading the school to vote for their charity. The slides and presentation were very good, whereby the children of the school voted on each over three rounds where the charity with the lowest votes dropped out. It was a close decision resulting in the children’s preferred charity of the year being The Dog’s Trust.

The classes had put a lot of work into their presentation slides and put forward good cases to be voted upon. The assembled children were very attentive on each presentation and applauded their thanks to each presentation team.

Well done to all the children; it was a great pleasure to attend and see the school’s democracy in action.

Les Tobbell
Vice-Chair of Governors

Literacy & Reading with Yr 6 Boys

I had the luxury of visiting the school with one of the new parent governors Mrs Cowgill today.

We had a great morning with Miss Styles who explained the different strategies that have been put in place to encourage all pupils to enjoy reading. We also discussed the different reading groups which have been organised across all year groups and all spectrums of ability. Having witnessed and been involved in one of the groups, I have seen first hand the positive impact this can have.

Miss Styles also showed and explained to us how the teachers assess and gather evidence of the pupils’ progress and target tracking. This is immense and we take our hats off to all the staff involved in the process.

I have seen first hand the amount of work and effort Miss Styles dedicates to her role as head of Literacy, andm the passion she shows to staff and pupils. Massive thank you to you and all heads of departments.

We then visited 5F who were forming story plans from the story mountains they had devised the day before regarding the book Robin Hood. They will then formulate this into a story to read to year 4.

All the discussions we had with Miss Styles regarding reading and literacy were now being put into practice. This gave Mrs cowgill and myself a vast understanding and perspective of it all and we explored the children’s work with all this in mind.

Before lunch myself and Mrs Cowgill listended to some year 6 boys reading. We explored the books they were reading and asked various questions about the book itself, their choice of reading material in general and what motivates them to read more often. All the children we read with attend specific reading groups and the boys found these groups really helpful and encouraging.

We also wrote comments in the childrens reading records; so check your children’s books!!!

It was a great morning, really informative and positive. All the children and staff were well behaved and enthusiastic. Many many thanks to all.

Mrs S Blake & Mrs J Cowgill
29th March 2017

Health and Safety Walk Round

23rd Februry 2017
Today myself and Mr Tobbell completed our termly check on health and safety. Everything on site was good – no particularly major problems. All the teachers had completed their own checks in January and I would like to thank them all for their help.

What we both noticed was the wonderful displays on the classroom walls and in fact all around the school. There were some lovely creative art work and writing. Thank you all for your cooperation.

Mrs Fiona Kemzura Chair of Governors
Mr Les Tobbell Vice Chair