French House Day

Today, the children came to school dressed in the colours of the French flag and took part in a French themed day. They spent the day learning about French culture and took part in a range of learning activities including art, geography, literacy and PE. The children had a fantastic day, working together and exploring their activities.



Year 4 Mantle of the Expert Week

This week, Year 4 spent the week as producers, actors and actresses and created a documentary about an archaeological find on the school field!


Viking artefacts were displayed under an archaeologist’s tent to recreate an archaeological dig. Along with the remains of a Viking leader’s body, the archaeologists discovered weapons, armour and some personal possessions. The children were told that the BBC were particularly interested in this event and that they wanted to commision the children to create a documentary about the discovery. Year 4 were given complete ownership of their learning and had to use many different areas of the curriculum to complete this task. They worked very hard and other classes were invited to watch the documentary that they made. Well done Year 4!


The Mantle of the Expert is a dramatic inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning. The big idea is that the class do all their curriculum work as if they are a group of experts who have been given a real purpose for learning

Wiggly Wild Show

Today the school were visited by the Wiggly Wild Show as part of Year 4’s Rainforest day. The day began with an assembly, where we learnt some amazing animal facts about creatures with lots of legs. Some brave volunteers got to hold some of the creatures that were part of the show!


Year 4 spent the rest of the day learning all about some of the creatures of the rainforest from an explorer who’s been there!

Year 4 Debate

SAM_2030 SAM_2048

As part of their learning about the Amazon rainforest, Year 4 spent a week learning about deforestation, its effects and arguments for and against it. Today they had The Great Year 4 Deforestation Debate, where each class argued for and against deforestation. The children then voted for the best presented and argued case.