WW2 Production

Year 6 took part in a World War 2 production this afternoon, to an audience of parents, grandparents and other friends and relatives. The children dressed up as wartime evacuees as they performed some well-known wartime songs, recited poems, performed traditional wartime swing dancing and shared some of their work they have written since September. Well done to all the children for a great performance!

sam_1773 sam_1774 sam_1776 sam_1777 sam_1781  img_2068-1

Anti-Bullying week

To mark national anti-bullying week, the whole school carried out various activities last week. Each class put together a class oath of their own pledges, showing how they would tackle bullying by respecting others. The children were also encouraged to write messages to put on our ‘kind hearts and compliments’ display, recording compliments about their peers. Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors visited Abacus school to meet other ABAs and share ideas. A friendship club ran during some lunch times, where the children worked together to create art pieces. Finally we had Childline workshops running throughout the week.

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Tuesday 18th October 2016

The day began with a beautiful sunrise.


Overall the children have had a good first night and stayed in their dorms. The last few girls fell asleep just after midnight but some of the boys were awake until around 3am…and up at 5.30am. We think some of them will sleep well tonight!

The dorms…..

img_0045 img_0046 img_0047 img_0048 img_0050 img_1337 img_1334 img_1332 img_1329 img_1326

Breakfast time.

img_20161018_080942 img_20161018_081403 img_20161018_082614 img_20161018_082633img_20161018_083739

Unfortunately, we now have the rain that was forecast. But (apparently), “Rain is fun because it makes everything muddy!” Amber Rayner.

img_20161018_105053 img_0061

img_0053 img_0051 img_1340


img_20161018_133919 img_20161018_133940

then a brighter afternoon.

img_0062 img_0063
img_0073 img_0075 img_0067 img_0066 img_0065

img_0080 img_0821 img_0822 img_0823 img_0825 img_0828 img_20161018_171353 img_0913 img_0921 img_1350 img_1351 img_0934 img_0936img_0927

After a very welcome hot dinner, we are now enjoying Scrap Heap Challenge.

img_20161018_200623 img_0832 img_0835 img_0836 img_0837img_1369 img_1367