End of Term

The school year ended today with a talent show and farewell to three members of staff. Mrs Arbabzadah and Mrs Hume are retiring and Miss Davies is off to pastures new. Good luck to all of them.
The talent show winners were Eve and Leila with their magic show. Well done to all the contestants.

Staff would like to extend a special thank you for all the thoughtful presents they received this week.

Sports Day

Well done to WATER house for winning this year’s Sports Day.

Despite a very hot start to the day, the children competed well and demonstrated good sportsmanship. Afterwards, they had the opportunity to showcase their hard work in the classroom too during Open Afternoon.

Take ONE Picture

As part of a National Gallery project, we spent the week studying the painting Penelope with the Suitors and completed a range of work inspired by it.


Then, this afternoon, we held an exhibition of all our hard work. What an amazing range of art was produced across the school from just one picture! It was fantastic to see the children impressed and excited by each other’s work with one child saying, “I might cry….. seeing such amazing things always makes me want to cry!”

After school, the parents seemed equally captivated, writing very encouraging comments in the visitors books. Thank you to all the teachers for their hard work end enthusiasm.


Creative Arts Festival

The theme of this year’s festival was ‘Fairytales’ so some of our year 4s performed their Ali Baba dance from the Year 4 production (with a few adaptations). Well done! Thank you to Mrs Thomson and Mrs Harris for their dance expertise and Mrs Griffiths for her unfaltering support spectating.

District Athletics Championships

Congratulations to our Athletics Squad who narrowly missed winning the District Athletics Championship yesterday. There was just ONE point between first place Oakfield and ourselves. Every member of the team showed true sportsmanship and were again a credit to our school and our motto ‘Working For Everyone’. Joshua Stanford was particularly highlighted for his sportsmanship and was awarded Boy Athlete of the day – we are so proud of him!

EventAge1st (8)2nd (7)3rd (6)4th (5)5th (4)6th (3)7th (2)8th (1)
65m3 GirlsAbacusCallie CookOakfieldAbacusGrangeGrangeAbigail CokerOakfield
65m3 BoysJaeem PhillipsAlfie BakerAbacusOakfieldOakfieldNorth CresentGrangeGrange
65m4 GirlsIsobel OmigieGrangeAbacusGrangeRadhika JouglahAbacusNorth CresentOakfield
65m4 BoysOakfieldGrangeAbacusRunwellBoluOakfieldGrangeHarrison
75m5 GirlsOakfieldAbacusHilltopRunwellOakfieldGrangeHilltopJessica Dodkins
75m5 BoysOakfieldGrangeJake HeardOakfieldAbacusGrangeHilltopRunwell
90m6 GirlsAbacusAbacusGeorgia BurkeyOakfieldOakfieldGrangeEmily PannellGrange
90m6 BoysOakfieldJoshua StanfordOakfieldGrangeAbacusOwen WhiteGrangeAbacus
Relay3 GirlsWickford JnrOakfieldGrangeAbacusRunwellNorth Cresent
Relay3 BoysWickford JnrOakfieldGrangeAbacusNorth Cresent
Relay4 GirlsWickford JnrGrangeOakfieldHilltopNorth CresentAbacusRunwell
Relay4 BoysOakfieldAbacusWickford JnrGrangeNorth CresentHilltopRunwell
Relay5 GirlsOakfieldAbacusWickford JnrGrangeHilltopNorth Cresent
Relay5 BoysOakfieldWickford JnrGrangeAbacusHilltopNorth Cresent
Relay6 GirlsAbacusWickford JnrOakfieldHilltopGrangeNorth Cresent
Relay6 BoysWickford JnrOakfieldGrangeAbacusHilltopNorth Cresent
Tennis Ball3/4 GirlsAbacusAbbi OddyHilltopHilltopNorth CresentGrangeOakfieldXenia Vasilou
Tennis Ball3/4 BoysHilltopOakfieldGrangeAbacusOakfieldGrangeWickford JnrHilltop
Rounders Ball5/6 GirlsHilltopGrangeAbacusOakfieldOakfieldAbacusWickford JnrGrange
Cricket Ball5/6 BoysHilltopOakfieldNorth CresentOakfieldHilltopAbacusWickford JnrAbacus
Standing Long Jump3/4 GirlsGrangeRunwellRuby CookOakfieldAbacusRunwellOakfieldAbacus
Standing Long Jump3/4 BoysGrangeGrangeOakfieldOakfieldNorth CresentWickford JnrWickford JnrAbacus
Long Jump5/6 GirlsHilltopCarly WattsGrangeAbacusWickford JnrAbacusGrangeOakfield
Long Jump5/6 BoysHilltopHilltopAiden PritchardOakfieldAbacusAbacusGrangeGrange
Vertical Jump3/4 GirlsGrangeGrangeOakfieldEvie HarrisNorth CresentHilltopAbacusWickford Jnr
Vertical Jump3/4 BoysJack MarshOakfieldHilltopLouie WatkinsNorth CresentAbacusHilltopAbacus
Vertical Jump5/6 GirlsAbacusGrangeOakfieldHilltopGrangeOakfieldWickford JnrAbacus
Vertical Jump5/6 BoysHilltopRunwellJake SlemmingsHilltopNorth CresentNorth CresentWickford JnrGrange
600m5/6 GirlsAbacusNorth CresentRunwellCiara BeetwellLacey-Mae ButtonAbacusHilltopGrange
600m5/6 BoysAbacusOliver HazellNorth CresentTyler ExleyOakfieldAbacusGrangeHilltop
Wickford2163435Girls Field
Abacus1944636Boys Field
Grange1845668Girls Track
Hilltop1308177Boys Track
N Crescent74217216Total

Sporting Successes

Two days of sporting competiton took place at William de Ferrers school this week.

Yesterday, our rounders team competed in the second round tournament after winning the Wickford heat. Despite hideous traffic problems and a very late start, they also won this round so now qualify for the county tournament on 23rd June in Gosfield.

Tonight our swimmers competed in the Billericay, Wickford & Woodham finals after qualifying in every year group from the Wickford heat in January. We finished in 3rd place overall. Well done!