School Council

We have an active and successful school council.Each class chooses two children to be on the council.Classes have weekly discussions to raise any issues or requests to their councillors.These are then discussed at the full council meetings which take place on Fridays with councillors and the Headteacher.In this way all the children have a very real and active role in ensuring that everyone has a say in what goes on in school.

School Councillors 2016/17

Examples of changes that have been made through the council are:

·Choosing the Charity of the Year
·Wet play games in every class
·Playtime buddies and peer mediators
·Playground games
·Clocks in the quad and music room
·The tuck shop
·Peer mediation
·School rights and responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities

The School Council have worked with the staff of the school to come up with the following agreed rights and responsibilities that apply to everyone in the school community – staff and children alike.


  • To work without distraction.
  • To feel and be safe in school.
  • To be listened to and have an opinion.
  • To a balanced curriculum that challenges us.
  • To make mistakes and have a growth mindset.
  • To go to the office when hurt or ill.
  • To make friends.
  • To be yourself and enjoy school.


  • To not interfere with others.
  • To walk in the quad and school building.
  • To listen and show manners.
  • To look after school equipment and keep the school tidy.
  • To come to school prepared.
  • To speak to and treat others with respect.
  • To be honest and do our best.
  • To look after ourselves and each other.
  • To be a good friend and citizen
  • To respect each other’s culture and religion.

These agreed principles form the basis of our mutual expectations in school.

These are reviewed every September.

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