Our pledge……..
"Bullying can happen to anyone at any time in their life. We believe we make a difference to stop it from happening at our school."
"If you have a problem come and talk to us, or put a message in the blue WITS box near the office: Walk away, Ignore, Tell someone and See and adult."

"My name is Freya and as the Lead Ambassador I believe my role is to lead my team in trying to make children at our school feel happy, confident and safe. I am here to listen, to help and to try and solve problems."

We have been specially trained to help spot the signs of when someone is being bullied so that they can do something, helping our pupils to feel safe at playtimes. 

Since becoming Anti-Bullying Ambassadors we have led assemblies, taken lesson to promote the importance of friendship and tolerance and have created and run a lunchtime club, to help those who may need help with finding friends to play with at lunchtimes.

We meet weekly with Mrs Champion to discuss ideas and have recently created a leaflet to help both pupils and parents understand what they need to do about bullying.

This year we are hoping to run a logo competition and will complete some additional training in April which will help them to be able to mentor pupils more effectively.

slogan design pdf

Newsletter March 2017

Anti-Bullying Policy May-16

Bullybeat Songs

Over the years we have worked with the Songwriting Charity to create songs to raise awarenes of bullying and to promote anti-bullying. You can listen to them here Search for our school name and a list of 6 will appear. Hope you like them!

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